Marketing Associate

Job Description

  1. Undertake a market analysis to include details on the market characteristics (market size and growth - dollars, units, prescriptions, days of therapy, patient types, market share development, number of competitors, market trends, market attractiveness); competitor characteristics (product characteristics, competitor marketing strategies, sales force activities, pricing analysis); prescriber characteristics (number of prescribers by specialty, physician prescription activity, desires and unmet needs).
  2. Liaise with advertising companies to prepare detail aids, leaflets, posters and other materials (print and electronic). Ensure the placement of ads in relevant journals and the distribution of materials to healthcare professionals within specified timeframes.
  3. Work with Regulatory to ensure that the content of all promotional material is fully supported by the Product Information and literature, and in accordance with the guidance offered by the Medicine Australia’s Code of Conduct.
  4. Organise symposia of invited speakers - organise venue and catering, speakers, and invitations.
  5. Undertake strategic market planning analysis by identifying foreseeable threats to avoid and opportunities to pursue, environmental analysis, customers to serve, competitors to challenge, product characteristics on which the business will compete, market segmentation and product positioning analysis.
  6. Conduct research on new and established markets, forecast changes in the market environment, seek and develop areas of business opportunities.
  7. Work with the Medical Information Associate to analyse customer questions, identify trends and recommend appropriate actions to the Marketing Manager.
  8. Work collaboratively with medical/clinical research associates to plan post-marketing surveillance studies to capture clinical data on safety parameters in local populations.
  9. Work collaboratively with sales reps to plan and implement product familiarisation programmes to enable the medical practitioners to evaluate and become familiar with the product.